The story of Millertime Gaming:

Who I am:

  • My name is Dennis Miller from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. I am a live streamer/ content creator on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms I share content to as well.
  • I stream on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 platforms. The games I stream include Gran Turismo, PGA 2K21, Forza, Call of Duty, Madden Assetto Corsa and many others. I also sim race on a Logitech g923 wheel with a custom 3d printed wheel that I  made, Logitech pedals and shifter setup. We have a growing community here with many great people and fellow streamers. I hope you enjoy the content and help build the community as well.
  • I am a college graduate from a 2 year Art School with an Associates degree. Major in Graphic Design and Minor in Photography.
  • I absolutely love the outdoors; Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Golfing and Mountain Biking.
  • Other hobbies I enjoy include Cooking, Working on cars, Assembly and disassembly of pretty much anything to see how it work or to repair it, slot cars, RC cars, Model Trains, and many more…
  • My favorite thing to do of all would have to be enjoying time with my best friend, my pup Schenley Storm he is a Borador (Lab and Border Collie mix)
  • I pretty much just try to stay active and keep my mind busy as possible.

How I Got Into Streaming

  • How I got into streaming…lol this is a funny story actually. It all started as I was really getting into golf and enjoying it a bunch. I became quite addicted to the sport actually. Well I live in a small town and wanted to be able to practice on the regular. I set up a wooden frame in my very small back yard with a net and was able to practice. Well late fall hit and weather was getting bad. I was trying to figure out a way to get the net indoors. Well I made it happen and one thing lead to another and I got myself an Optishot golf simulator pad and built an enclosure to hit into.
  •  In my down time I was on Facebook a bunch I found Optishot groups and leagues to join and I saw a few members live streaming their rounds from their phones on Facebook Live. I was intrigued immediately. With my background in graphic design and photography, I knew if I started doing this I could make it look good. But there was a slight problem I wasn’t sure how.
  • While on Facebook in my downtime I found out about live streams, One stream/streamer really caught my attention. It was this Canadian fella names Phil at PTR Gaming. He has great content and yes… it was golf. But it was PGA 2k21 on Xbox and I saw he was playing with the people following his page, interacting with them, and making sure to acknowledge nearly every comment in his chat… even me!? I was just there chatting. I was a nobody just a random follower in his stream watching and chatting. But he made it fun for everyone. Eventually he kept asking me when I was gonna join in and play so I got an Xbox series X and he welcomed me into his stream to play with along with him and the followers. It was great. I saw something in the way these streams work. So I reached out to Phil and he was extremely helpful and caring. Always willing to answer questions and help with the process of getting my stream set up. He truly became a great friend and I definitely appreciate him more than words could ever describe.
  • I officially started streaming from my golf simulator not only on Facebook but Youtube as well. I had two cameras, I was wearing a lavalier mic, had video input going from the Optishot software into the streaming software. On a side note, I was extremely nervous… In school, I never liked being in front of the class, talking to people in groups, anything like that. I had a rough start. But it took off… I was excited. People were interacting that were into the same thing, Golf!  The stream looked amazing and everyone was really enjoying my content. My stream started to grow.
  • As the streaming continued. I continued to grow, I was tagging companies in my streams of products I was using. I was being watched…not only by my followers. By some of these companies. They even reached out to me. I started to get free products to test, use and keep. I also became an affiliate for a couple companies. My mind was blown.
  • Eventually I started to hurt…not only was I golfing a couple times a week at real golf courses, but I was playing 3 to 6 rounds of golf on the streams 3 to 4 times a week. My body was taking a toll. I had to make changes. Well, I started gaming on my Xbox as well and less streams on the simulator But I was still doing both. Eventually I just gave up on the golf sim streams and strictly stuck with the gaming. Now I am where I am.

Reason for streaming 

  • The reason I became a streamer/content creator is to deal with my PTSD, anxiety and depression. Starting 2013 my life started changing dramatically. I lost both of my parents 2 years apart both in their mid 60s, I lost my girlfriend at the age of 35 a few years after my parents, and my most recent loss was Jan 2021, I lost my last uncle due to a massive heart attack at the age of 63. Leaving me as the last Miller on my dads side of the family. I also lost my job due to the Covid-19 disaster. Needless to say its been an extremely tough road and I was on the verge of giving up.
  • Work…As a full time streamer its not all just fun and games. It is a job, its my income, its what helps me make a living. Lots of people think its just sitting behind a camera and playing games. Its not, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes. Video editing, building your website, setting up merchandise, keeping up with all of the platforms. Constant changes to the stream to change the monotony, Researching the newest tips and tricks to getting yourself noticed.
  • Streaming has become such a morality boost with all the laughs, smiles and just great times in general. It truly changed me a a person. Made me feel like there is a life still, there is reason, and there is still happiness if you just open your eyes, heart, and soul to new opportunities.
  • The best thing about streaming in my case is the amazing friendships that are made. The caring, The love, The understanding of each other and who we are. The followers of the stream truly became part of my life and pretty much become family in a way. I appreciate each and every one of you. Also a huge shoutout to my moderators that help on the streams as well